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Who's Your MUMM?

MUMM is a Nova Scotia registered non-profit society advocating for chronically and critically ill patients who are licensed to consume medical cannabis as medicine. Our Board consists of patient volunteers who strive to keep the issues surrounding the use of our medicine in the forefront of public discussion.


MUMM Strives To:

  • Educate the public, policy makers, and elite opinion makers about the value of medical cannabis. 

  • Defend therapeutic cannabis clubs and other safe, effective means of distributing cannabis to patients who need it. 

  • Frame a debate around Health Canada's inability or unwillingness to meet its court-ordered obligations to supply therapeutic cannabis to Canadians with a legitimate medicinal need. 

  • Unify medicinal cannabis advocates, patients, and caregivers on a focused campaign. 

  • Strengthen alliances between Dispensaries and patients throughout Canada.

The Medical Cannabis Patient Bill Of Rights

The Medical Cannabis Patient Bill of Rights was designed to outline the basic rights of critically and chronically ill medical cannabis users, and to urge the federal government to protect these individuals from stigma, arrest, and prosecution.

  • I am not a criminal. I am a person living with a medical condition and use cannabis to alleviate my suffering, I am capable of making fundamental decisions about my health.


  • I have the right to live free of unnecessary suffering, social stigma and interference from the state, and should not have to choose between my personal liberty and my health.


  • I have the right to produce my own medicine if I am willing and able to do so, or to access it from a safe source without fear of arrest and prosecution.


  • It is the federal government's moral, legal, and constitutional obligation to defend these basic and inalienable human rights, and to ensure that no organization or individual unduly interferes with them


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